Sustainable tourism, what is it and why to choose it?

October 03, 2021

Everyone has heard about tourism, but do you know what sustainable tourism is? This is the type of tourism that has as its main objective to minimize the impact of people on the environment by betting on the principles of sustainability and contributing to the generation of income and work to the local population.


In addition, the purpose of sustainable tourism defends the idea of exploiting the resource in a way that is less than it takes to renew itself. What does this mean? In the case of agro-tourism, vegetable plantations should provide for all guests without having to exploit the land. Therefore, you should bet on places where the host space is not excessive.


It is advisable to choose this type of tourism because it helps the planet in three aspects: the environment, culture, society and economy. As for the environment, it is committed to achieving a minimum environmental impact and responsible consumption of resources. In the case of culture, it respects heritage spaces and the authenticity of the site. In relation to society, it devotes part of the profits to the construction of works of community interest, promotes the improvement of infrastructure and the improvement of the quality of life of the population. Finally, in the case of the economy, it generates local work, boosts the consumption of local products, improves the quality of work of workers and bet on social equity through the fair distribution of wealth.


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