Health benefits of rural tourism

September 19, 2021

Tourism is very beneficial for people because apart from contributing to the disconnection of the daily routine, it also brings knowledge, since one of the reasons for tourism lies in the will to know new places and new cultures.


Within tourism, there is a type of tourism that stands out for its benefits on the health of people Do you know what type of tourism is it?  Indeed! The rural tourism!


Rural tourism makes people in direct contact with nature, which increases happiness because the only thing you have to worry about is relaxing. You can also do many activities, such as climbing, hiking, fishing, etc.


Another benefit is the loss of stress caused by the city and daily obligations. Say goodbye to work and traffic jams for a few days and enjoy the tranquility and peace of rural places. This fact will become an essential factor to improve your quality of sleep and consequently your rest.


Finally, another benefit is that the natural environment encourages us to improve our diet by betting on those products of the Mediterranean diet, such as fruits and vegetables.


¡If you are thinking of disconnecting for a few days, Mas Romeu ( is the perfect place to do it! It is an agrotourism located in the Montseny where you will be surrounded by nature and you can carry out activities typical of rural tourism, such as picking fruit and vegetables.